Internships & Opportunities

Internships & Opportunities

Throughout the academic year, the AFP offers an array of internships through which students can begin to apply their Arabic linguistic skills to real-world work experience. The internships vary each semester to coincide with AFP projects and initiatives and are available to current Flagship students only.

Below are some of the typical internships the AFP offers:

AFP Office Assistant

No minimum level of Arabic required – 10 hours per week during the semester. The AFP office assistantship offers a great way to gain some administrative experience and use your Arabic in a professional setting. Duties include poster design, blogging in Arabic, helping with events, and any other duties as required.

Web & Social Media Intern

No minimum level of Arabic required. The web and social media intern aids the AFP in its goal of enhancing the program’s online presence through improvements to the AFP website and the development and maintenance of student blogs.

Video Cataloging Intern

Minimum level of Arabic – 3rd year or above. The video cataloging intern watches, categorizes, and converts videos to DVDs and then creates an indexed and labeled DVD library.

Contact Christian GlakasSenior Program Coordinator(512) 471-3283

External Opportunities

PALS Program PALS serves as a way to match international and American students for a cultural and language exchange. Help teach others about your culture and learn about theirs. The PALS program pairs an international student and an American student for a one-on-one cultural/language exchange.

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The Language Circles Program

This program was designed to provide international students with opportunities to practice their conversational English or other languages and to learn more about American culture. Language Circles also allows American students the opportunity to interact with international students in facilitating a circle or practicing a foreign language. The Language Circles are facilitated in groups with one native speaker and 1-4 participants. Language Circles are held once per week at a set time and location, and last 1 hour.

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Refugee Services of Texas

Assist Arabic-speaking refugee individuals and families in adjusting to American culture, practicing English, and finding employment.  For more information, contact Margaret Thompson at [email protected] or visit


CARITAS is a non-profit organization that provides help and support for those experiencing poverty, including the homeless, the working poor, and refugees. The support they offer begins with a safety net and links their clients to resources so that they can achieve self-sufficiency. The Arabic Flagship Program collaborates with CARITAS to provide volunteer opportunities for students through their Assist Refugees Program.

As a volunteer with this program, your role will be to support refugees arriving to Austin from the Middle East. Specifically, you will assist with their acculturation in Austin through one-on-one tutoring, projects with interpretation, activities such as grocery shopping and field trips designed to enhance their self-sufficiency.

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Texas Interdisciplinary Plan (TIP)

TIP is an academic program for 1st year students in the College of Liberal Arts and College of Natural Sciences. TIP boasts students with high GPA’s and success with admission into graduate and professional schools.