College Arabic Prep

College Arabic Prep

College Arabic Prep

The AFP at UT is now offering high school students a unique opportunity to study Arabic before entering college. Through an Arabic correspondence course led by an experienced and talented tutor, students will undertake guided self-study, submit coursework electronically, attend in-person or virtual conversation practice sessions, and join other Austin students once a week for a class meeting on the UT campus. No fees will be charge for this course, and all textbooks and online materials will be provided.

During the year students will complete the equivalent of UT’s first-semester Arabic course—ARA 601C Intensive Arabic I—as they learn the Arabic script and the sounds of the Arabic language and work toward intermediate proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students will also begin to develop a greater understanding of the cultures transmitted through the Arabic language.

Eligibility & Admissions

To join the AFP College Arabic Prep Course, you must be:

  • An Austin-area high school student with a good academic record;
  • A motivated student with an interest in the languages and cultures of the Middle East;
  • Able to commit 5-7 hours per week to the study of Arabic;
  • Planning to apply to UT.

Download the College Arabic Prep brochure for additional information.

To apply to the AFP College Arabic Prep Course, submit the online application by September 12.

Academic Benefits:

  • Become eligible for UT’s 2012 Arabic Summer Institute to complete the second course of the first-year Arabic sequence.
  • Start your studies with as much as one year of Arabic (12 credits) under your belt.
  • Strengthen your candidacy to join the AFP’s undergraduate program and qualify for future financial support to study in Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Engage with faculty and staff of one of the best Arabic programs in the country.


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