Our Students

Our Students


Lameese Ahmad

Major: Arabic Language & Literature

Joined AFP: Fall 2010

Academic Interest: Arabic, Middle Eastern Studies, the Bible and its History

Career Goal: Lameese’s goal is to get a Masters degree in Arabic and become a translator.

Hobbies: Tennis, playing the flute, reading, jogging, watching movies.

Ayesha Akbar

Major: Journalism and Psychology

Joined AFP: Fall 2010

Academic Interest: Human Rights, Journalism, Medical Health and Counseling

Career Goal: Ayesha would like to work with women and children that have been victimized by trafficking and violence, and promote the importance of mental health and support systems in impoverished or conflict-prone areas. She would like to be able to write for the people of the Middle East and South Asia, in order to promote human rights, religious tolerance, psychological health, and education.

Hobbies: Traveling, discussing politics, advocating human rights, learning languages, writing satire, and practicing Islam

Muhammad Irfan Akbar

Major: History and Religious Studies

Joined AFP: Spring 2010

Academic Interest:  Indian Religions, History of the Middle East and India

Career Goal: Teaching, government service, foreign service, or military service.

Dounya Alami-Nassif

Major: Government, International Relations and Global Studies

Joined AFP: Spring 2013

Academic Interest: Imperial history, postcolonial studies and theory, cultural studies, alternative historiographies, diaspora studies, narratives of exile, aesthetics and politics, comparative literature, translation studies and theory, cross-cultural narratives, gender studies.

Career goal: Considering international policy analysis, international law, and research of the arbitration of identities reflected through cultural constructions in the disjunctures and junctures of contact zones within Morocco or Lebanon — current aspirant of using a collective academic background to pursue research interests at the doctoral level and beyond.

Hobbies: Researching and ranting — admirer of literary theory; planetariums; international cinema, music, literature, and other mediums of discourse.

Adam Amrani

Major: English/UTeach

Joined AFP: Spring 2012

Academic Interest: I’m interested in surrealist literature as well as victorian literature that influenced the modernist period. I enjoy studying Arabic, and I love new vocabulary!

Career goal: I’d like to teach English and Arabic at a high school level before entering graduate school. Eventually, I’d like to either work in academia or in educational policy.

Hobbies: Playing instruments, riding my bike, browsing the internet, cooking, reading, and blogging.

Nicole Beittenmiller

Major: International Relations and History

Joined AFP: Spring 2013

Academic Interest: Middle Eastern Studies, International Security, History of Globalization

Career goal: Still unsure, probably something with the US Government

Hobbies: Polo, Theater, Soccer, Reading

Sophia Belazi

Major: Finance

Joined AFP: Spring 2013

Academic Interest: International Business and Finance, Arabic Language
and Culture

Career goal: I aspire to achieve many different goals in my future
career. I am interested in business relations between Middle Eastern
countries and the United States. I would love to act as a translator and
a financial advisor between Middle Eastern and American corporations.
Another avenue I wish to explore is the prospect of working for the

Hobbies: Running, writing, reading, spending time with friends, and

Tarek Benchouia

Major: Government and Arabic

Joined AFP: Fall 2010

Academic Interest:  Arabic Language and Literature, Middle Eastern History, Society, and Politics

Career Goal: Ideally, Tarek hopes his career will have something to do with the Arabic language. Currently, he plans to pursue academia and get a PhD in Middle Eastern Studies.

Hobbies: Music, soccer, being with friends and family, learning, and traveling

Barbara Borodziewicz

Major: Plan II Honors and French major

Joined AFP: Spring 2009

Academic Interest: Languages (Arabic and French), international relations/studies (Africa and the Middle East)

Career Goal: Barbara hopes to use her background and skills to work with immigrants’ rights and human rights as a lawyer. After graduating she plans to apply to graduate law programs and hopes to work with marginalized populations in the West especially coming from African and Middle Eastern countries.

Hobbies: Barbara’s hobbies include reading, journaling, painting, backpacking and tennis.

Brett Bowman

Major: Middle Eastern Studies and Government

Joined AFP: Spring 2011

Academic Interest: Middle Eastern languages, history of minorities in the Middle East, cultural geography

Career goal: I hope to work in academia or make use of my language skills in humanitarian efforts

Hobbies: Arabic, comedy, social networking