Our Mission

In collaboration with The Language Flagship, the mission of The University of Texas Arabic Flagship Program (AFP) is to graduate students, through advanced language education, with Superior level proficiency in Arabic to create the next generation of global professionals.

Innovative Approach

The Arabic Flagship Program (AFP) at The University of Texas at Austin offers a three- to five-year, intensive training program in Arabic language and cultures at the undergraduate level.

Throughout the challenging program, students are provided the support and training necessary to reach Superior proficiency in Arabic–ILR 3/3+–while simultaneously pursuing the undergraduate major of their choice.

AFP innovations:

  • A wide range of Arabic courses at all levels and in-depth content courses taught throughout the academic year
  • A focus on both Standard and Colloquial Arabic (Egyptian and Syrian)
  • An intensive domestic summer program offering elementary, intermediate, and advanced courses
  • Intensive summer and year-long programs at Arabic Overseas Flagship sites in Alexandria, Egypt and Meknes, Morocco
  • The largest tenured and tenure-track Arabic faculty in the country
  • Experienced and supportive mentors and teaching assistants
  • Student-centered classes, a high teacher-to-student ratio, and more contact hours than most Arabic programs
  • A dynamic events calendar with lectures, films, dinners, trips and hands-on activities
  • A flexible program that accepts students at all levels of proficiency with multiple entry points
  • Internships providing students with opportunities to help in our K-12 program, assist with media production, conduct Arabic language-focused research, and more!

AFP Milestones

11 – The number of Arabic language content courses offered at UT

12 – The number of students studying abroad with us in Meknes & Alexandria this year

23 – The number of countries in the world where Arabic is widely spoken

29 – The number of Arabic Flagship Program Alumni

63 – The number of students currently enrolled in the AFP

71 – The number of students enrolled in the 2012 Arabic Summer Institute

2007 – The year that UT’s Arabic Flagship Program was launched

280,000,000 – The number of Arabic Native Speakers in the world!


The Arabic Flagship Program collaborates with various organizations within UT and nationally, as well as with other accredited colleges and universities both nationally and abroad in Egypt and Morocco. Here is a listing of some of our key partners:

The Language Flagship

The Language Flagship leads the nation in designing, supporting, and implementing a new paradigm for advanced language education. Through an innovative partnership among the federal government, education, and business, The Language Flagship seeks to graduate students who will take their place among the next generation of global professionals, commanding a superior level of fluency in one of many languages critical to U.S. competitiveness and security.

Middle Eastern Studies at The University of Texas at Austin The Center for Middle Eastern Studies, established in 1960, is one of the largest and most respected National Resource Centers designated by the United States Department of Education under the Title VI Strategic Area Studies program.

The Department of Middle Eastern Studies houses faculty specializing in Middle Eastern cultures and languages and offers specialized academic programs in Arabic, Hebrew, Islamic, Persian, and Turkish studies.

Alexandria University (Alexandria, Egypt)

The AFP collaborates with the Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL) Center at Alexandria University in Egypt for our Capstone Year study abroad program. The program in Alexandria is administered by the American Councils for International Education in partnership with The Alexandria University’s TAFL Center. The Center provides the faculty and facilities needed to achieve our goal of graduating students with superior proficiency.

Arab American Language Institute in Morocco (Meknes, Morocco)

The AFP collaborates with the Arab American Language Institute in Morocco (AALIM) for our summer study abroad program. The program is administered in conjunction with the American Councils for International Education.

American Councils for International Education

The American Councils for International Education is an international not-for-profit organization that believes in the fundamental role of education in fostering positive change for individuals, institutions and societies. The American Councils advances education and research worldwide through international programs that provide the global perspective essential for academic and professional excellence.